Candy Busters

Another distinctness of "Candy Busters" lies in the structure of over 170 levels (more updates are added weekly) in which you will have to complete different targets, such as collect enough candy pieces in requested color, save frozen sweets, fight against Pumpkin King monsters, save the hazelnuts and strawberries, battle against cookie invasion, protect candy from greedy mice… How to play: - Match three or more candy pieces to collect them - Match 4 candy pieces horizontally or vertically to make a special candy piece to blast the others of the same row - Match 5 candies horizontally or vertically to create a sweet to collect all other sweets of the same color - Connect 2 of any special candy pieces to create amazing candy effects - A large scale of levels with different targets to complete: collect candies, save and fight… at the same time - Use boosters and pets to facilitate the targets:

Price: 4,900 wp